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Planet resources consumption causes global disaster. The need of proteins for animal feed and human food is one of main parts whis causes those events. Insects are more environmentally friendly alternative for conventional sources of animal and human protein. To become worldwide accepted and more competitive with conventional livestock and feed sources insect-based production should become more cost efficient. However currently insect farms spent too much time for monitoring information manually to optimize production.


Cogastro is a data gathering and analysis software as a service that provides quicker access to knowledge, optimization, and control of insect farm daily operations and insect life cycle. On top of software assure traceability as all actions can be traced back and forward. Cogasto mobile application provides structure framework to log information and automates mannual data loging. On the larger scale software can be integrated with sensors and devices to store information in one central location. Data warehouse relates to analytics where all information is summarized and sent to cloud-based web application for a remote access and information monitoring and do not require additional efforts.

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Our innovation lays not only behind unique algorithms but also behind the business model. Customer don’t need to have a technical knowledge to start using the solution and in comparison, with other alternatives it requires much less resources, efforts to install and use it and offers more affordable pricing model.

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