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Integration to a new society. Coming in a new country is a challenging and stressful. Migrants find themself in informative and social vacuum and don’t have “feeling of home”. Migrants spend a lot of time and energy to try to solve business tasks and household chores. And have mental health problems due feel lost, alone, unwanted, abandoned.

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HelloAllo is the place where migrants, expats, nomads and locals can find each other by interests and needs: business, hobbies, talents, passions, - and easily integrate into new society.

Place where skilled migrants can share their knowledge and expertise with others, including by volunteering, feel needed, valuable, productive and increase their level of happiness. Where relocated people can connect with local helpers and experts.
The community where migrants have ability to share the highs and lows.

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HelloAllo is an easy and fun way to show and share your talents and easily integrate into new society.

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